Coldfusion does not have good built-in support for time zones, and most of my applications have a user base that is spread across the globe, so displaying correct dates and times is important. Java, on the other hand, has great time zone support. So, I came up with this Coldfusion wrapper for the java.util.TimeZone object.

For my applications, I store user timezones as Java Timezone IDs ("US/Eastern", "Australia/Sydney", etc.). Then, when a user logs in I instantiate this object in the session scope ( using the user's time zone ID, and we have all the date/time information and methods we ever need for displaying and accepting dates for the life of the session.

Parse Query String and Case-Sensitive POST Data

Simple utility function for parsing query string data into a structure. Repeated keys are handled and returned as arrays.

This function can also be used to return HTTP POST data with case-sensitivity; the built-in FORM scope in Coldfusion discards case information on form fields and converts all key names to uppercase. See the formWithCase() function included below.